Four Oceans Press & Gallery is a very small independent artistic
publishing company established in 2006 and located in the San Francisco Bay
Area and Portland Metro area.

Artist Gallery
We are Artists! We want to show our work and help other artists promote their work.
We have an online gallery that showcases the work of several great artists.

We attend as many of our artists gallery openings as we can and we review the sho
for you.

Ongoing Exchanges
We ran international print exchanges from 2006 to 2012 have a complete archive
showing images of all the prints.

The main archive page also highlights the work of different artists. Our exchanges are
on hold for now, but if you want to be on the list for the next one send us an email.

Our Store
We have original art by a few of our gallery artists listed for sale in our
Etsy store.

Many of our exchange artist sell their work from their own websites and we
encourage you to contact them directly if you are interested in a particular work of art.

Book Projects
We publish “Children’s books for grown-ups” - a collection of books that are fun to
read for children of any age. Our focus is on picture books that include a lot of really
good art.

We have several in progress projects - titles and brief descriptions are listed on our
books page.

We also publish selected poetry collections (but not the boring stuff).

A b o u  t   t h e   P r e s s

Four Oceans Press + Copyright since 2006
&  G a l l e r y