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July 2010 - Artist of the Month
Prints for Peace
Grabados por la Paz México

Copyright Four Oceans Press 2010

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to learn more about their and see more of their art!
Debra Percival
Guadalupe Victorica
Heather Piazza
Kathe Welch
Lynne Hubner
Mark Knot
Mary Grassel
Robert Mihaly
Robin Wyss

Several Four Oceans Press artists who participated in this call for
Peace are featured this month. In addition to helping to promote
Peace these artists exchanged prints and now each own the
whole set. If you would like to participate in the Prints for Peace
exchange collaboration for next year click

Below: Poster for the 2010 Prints for Peace shoe in Monterrey Mexico.
Mark Knot

This is an image of a young Atlas holding the Celestial Sphere in his strong hands.
Legend has it, he stood at the edge of the Western Earth and held up the sky for