T h e  E x c h a n g e
A r c h i v e

3  -  D   A r t
2 0 0 9
John Blackwood
Erik Espinoza
Modesto, California

Small sculptures from the
Woodsman series.
Aine Scannell
Dunfermline, Scotland

House of the Soul
Read the
Franki Kohler
Oakland, California

Postmark'd Art
See them
Linda Piazza
Modesto, California
Heather Piazza
Oakland, California

Sculpted Glass Focal Bead
strung together with glass beads.
Kathe Welch
Oakland, California

Hand-made sketch books.
A perfect gift for any artist or
young budding artist.
  • This archive is an in-progress work. 3-D Art exchange are due by November
    1, 2009 and will be posted here as they arrive.  

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