T h e  E x c h a n g e
A r c h i v e

W i n t e r  2 0 0 8
Christina Blank
Arlington, Texas
Melissa West
Oakland, California
Claudia G. Coonen
Haiku, Hawaii
Amy Evans
Atlanta, Georgia
Deborah Leventhal
Fairfax, Virginia
Laima Rozkalns
Madison, Wisconsin
Berndt Savig
Boulder, Colorado
Amanda R. Wright
Arlington, Virginia
Susan Cartwright
Aptos, California
Kimberly Landers
Atlanta, Georgia
Diane Cutter
Puerto Rico
Mark Knot
Alameda, California
Linda Piazza
Modesto, California
Julio Rodriguez
Skokie, Illinois
Peter Kocak
Slovak Republic
Kim Shields
Windermere, Florida
Heather Piazza
Oakland, California
Kathe Welch
Oakland, California
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