Reading Between the Lines
at the The Frank Bette Center for the Arts in Alameda
Art Shows

R e a d i n g  B e t w e e n
t h e  L i n e s
Opening Night: September 2, 2007

Show: September 2 - 28, 2007
Opening Night at the "Reading Between the Lines" Show at the The Frank
Bette Center for the Arts in Alameda,September 7-29, 2007.

Opening night at the Frank Bette Center was really good! There were over 100
people in attendance. The Frank Bette Center for the Arts has a new show open on
the first Friday of each month. They show work of a wide variety of artists.

Kathe Welch had three prints and one large drawing on the walls of the gallery. She
won the Sponsor's Choice Award for her Ink drawing 'Month' and her prints fit
nicely with the theme of the show. Kathe uses a lot of text in her work and reading
between the lines is always necessary.

Heather Piazza was represented by one of her first linoleum block prints. 'Juxtapose'
is the combination of two similar images, cut differently and printed in different colors
on different papers then put together to contrast yet compliment.

Graham Birds' photograph 'Between the lines' shows a blue structure framed by
white trees. His photo evokes a peace that we often feel when we think about nature
and yet shows the way nature coexists with modern industry.
Top: Kathe's prints shown top and
bottom of photo.

Above: Heather's 'Juxtapose', a relief
print to the right.

Below: Woman studying Kathe's Pen
& Ink Calendar 'Month'.

Above: Excited crowd at opening night of the 'Reading Between the Lines' show.

Above: Graham's photo "Between the Lines" in bottom center and Kathe's small lino print of a roll of
Toilet Paper on the top right.

Right: Debra Owen,  FBCA Executive Director passing out an awarded.
Michael Singman-Aste had one photo in
the show [Right]. AS1 is an exploration
of more abstract fine art imagery.

Michael finds himself "focusing on a detail
of a subject"  which he says allows him
"to alter it, rather than feeling obligated to
represent the subject realistically".

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