6th Annual Roadworks Street Fair and Steamroller
Printing at the San Francisco Center for the Book
Art Shows

S t e a m r o l l e r
E v e n t

Copyright Four Oceans Press 2009
Steamroller Event - SFCB - Melissa, Heather, Linda, Mark & Kathe
Day of Event:
September 19, 2009

Gala & Auction:
October 3, 2008
Inking up 12" x 12" Linoleum blocks to prepare them for
printing by Steamroller.
Steam Roller Drives over 9 12" x 12" Linoleum blocks.
Mixing the Inks...

Inking up the plater and checking to make sure they are ready to print.

Laying out the plates and getting them ready for the Steamroller.

Placing the papers on top of the inked up plates and laying out the
carpet to protect everything.

The Steamroller ready to print nine linoleums by driving over them.
Melissa West Hold up a Four Oceans
Press Calendar featuring her print.
Linda Piazza sings her freshly pressed
print, just minutes after it was rolled
over by a steamroller...

A volunteer hangs prints to dry...
Four Oceans Press Artists Kathe Heather
& Mark created a print together (bottom)
and Linda Piazza print is above.
Patricia Wakida' Print hot off the 'Press.'
Kathe Welch's continuation of 'The
Lavatory Series.'