Art Explosion
at Creative Framing in Oakland, CA
Art Shows

A r t   E x p l o s i o n
Closing Reception:
April 24th, 2010, 6-8 pm

Show: April, 2010

Copyright Four Oceans Press 2010
New works by Kathe Welch. Art
Explosion includes several new
large Pen & Ink Drawings as well
as the first installation of Kathe's
Ceramic sculpture.
Explosion is a Pen & Ink
Drawing. 24" x 36"
12 Skulls is part of a series
exploring Archeology of
Volcanic areas and eras.
See the show during the month of
April at
Creative Framing & Gallery
Kathe working on the
installation combining

Eruption & Vesuvius 79.

is a 48" x  168"
(14') Graphite Drawing.

Vesuvius 79 is a 14" x 28"
Ceramic sculpture
Kathe working on Eruption - a 4 x 14 foot Graphite Drawing.
Maya Osborne working on the
Archaeological dig that was part of
the installation.

Above: A happy
crowd drinking wine
and talking about art
and volcano's.

Left: Kathe holds her
niece Cassidy at the

Below: A close up of
Red Skirt - a pen &
Ink drawing