The Print Exchange

Welcome to our Four Oceans Press hand-pulled print exchanges. Please read all details
before signing up for an exchange.

How it works
These are simple print exchanges. You print an edition of 26 hand-pulled prints in any traditional
print media – Woodblock, Linoleum, Serigraph, Lithograph or Intaglio.
(Of course, you will not
print it from your computer or the local copy shop).
You will have a few months between sign
up and deadline so you have plenty of time to be creative and explore the theme.

Send the prints as soon as they are finished and dry. We will coordinate and collate the prints
return to you a massive pile of prints from many different artists
. The extra set will go into
our permanent
archive and may be used for future projects.

Details vary on some exchange projects and are noted on each page.
Drop outs
If you think you may not be able to complete the exchange, please do not sign up for it –
everyone is counting on each other.  We all understand that life sometimes gets in the way of art,
but please consider whether or not you have time for this before you commit yourself.
something comes up and you will not be able to complete the exchange – please let us
know as soon as you know.
Each participant will be turning in a full set of prints and will want
to get a full set back.

We will communicate with each participant by e-mail. [ or ]
Communication is essential. If you have questions or
problems – let us know.
After the exchange
The Archive, the calendar project, book projects and more...

The Archive
All prints will be scanned and placed on our website for permanent display with a link to your
website (if you don’t have one – see below).

Upcoming  Projects
Four Oceans Press has published Calendars in the past which include the work of selected
artists, but in an effort to be more inclusive and honor all of our artists we are planning to begin
to document each exchange series in a complete book.
Details coming soon...

To see previously published  calendars: The  Classical Elements - 2010 Calendar & The Four
Seasons - 2009 Calendar.

H a n d - P u l l e d  P r i n t  E x c h a n g e s

G u i d e l i n e s
To sign up
  • Choose one of the open exchanges (listed to the left) and follow directions. Click the link
    at the bottom of exchange page, pay your entry fee & start working on your print...
  • Make your prints: Finish them early, so they can dry and you can make the deadline.

Entry fee & Postage:
  • $20 flat entry fee (Or $25 flat international entry fee) - entry fee includes shipping.
  • Pay with PayPal or Google checkouts through the cart on each exchange page or mail us
    a check after you sign up. Keep in mind you will not be officially signed in until we receive
    your Entry Fee.
  • In order to reduce complications - and because I am not able to fund all the shipping on
    my school teacher salary - we have combined the shipping costs with the entry fee. This
    will allow us to continue to host exchanges and get them mailed out as soon as possible.
  • If you prefer to send your self-addressed envelope with shipping - please do not use
    printed postage with dates on them as the post office has told us that these can only be
    used for a few days after they are printed. If you send them, we will have to pay the full
    cost anyway.

  • Please include 26 copies (10 for Exchanges Minis) of your biography. We will send
    them - with your prints - to their next home.
  • Ideally, we would like to see each set of prints in plastic sleeves with your biography in the
    back. You can buy plastic sleeves online, at your local art dealer.

Mailing your prints:
  • Some Exchanges have different requirements - please check each, for specifics. If you
    have questions, feel free to ask.
  • For most exchanges - send 26 prints - with biographies, a self-addressed envelope
    with sufficient return postage and entry fee.
  • For Exchanges Minis - send 10 prints - with biographies, a self-addressed envelope
    with sufficient return postage and entry fee.
  • For Sketchbook Exchanges - send the whole Sketchbook back to us when it is

Mail all correspondents (prints) to:
    Heather Piazza
    Four Oceans Press
    2700 Park Blvd,
    Oakland, CA 94606

Quick Info

Send your:
  • prints
  • biographies &
  • self-addressed return envelope with
    sufficient return postage.

Mail all prints to:
    Heather Piazza
    Four Oceans Press
    2700 Park Blvd,
    Oakland, CA 94606

    Need a BLOG or Website? We
Open Print Exchanges

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Fine Arts Photography
  • When you participate in any Four Oceans Press project, you give Four Oceans Press
    the right to use an image of your artwork for permanent display on our websites archive
    and to use your image to promote your art as well as Four Oceans Press. Newspapers
    and other media outlets (including online blogs) are allowed to use images of your
    artwork in promotional material promoting Four Oceans Press.

  • We sometimes print Four Oceans Press books for projects. We have the right to use
    your work in any of these books and retain full copyright and royalty-rights for the books
    we publish and fund.

  • You - the Artist - retain all rights to all of your Artwork.  At Four Oceans Press, we are
    building a Community of  Artist and we want highlight your work.
Four Oceans Press + Copyright since 2006
&  G a l l e r y