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Mailing Address:
Prints or other Art can be sent to:
    Heather Piazza,
    Creative Framing and Gallery
    2700 Park Blvd, Oakland, CA 94606

Where do you find artists for your exchanges?
We know a lot of Artists and we have met many more since we started doing these exchanges. We
post on the
Baren Forum and a few other printmaking websites including our Facebook group. We
are always looking for more places to find and meet new Artists - please tells your friends about us.

We are actively recruiting Print makers from around the world. Feel free to share this website and
information about our exchanges with others.

I can't do the exchange this time because of my schedule, can I sign up for the next
exchange now?
We have ongoing exchanges and other projects. You can sign up well in advance of a project
completion date to give your self the extra time. We will sign you up, add you to the appropriate
archive and expect your prints by the due date.

What types of the exchanges going on?
We have three series of hand-pulled print exchanges currently underway - The Alphabet
Exchanges, The Prints for Peace Collaboration and Exchange Minis. Additionally we have a
3-D Art Exchange. Sign-ups are ongoing until the artist lists are full.

Can I suggest a subject for a future exchange?
Yes! Send us an E-mail and tell us your ideas. We have several Exchanges coming up, but if you
would like to help add to our list, or give us an idea for a new project, let us know.

Is the schedule for the next few exchanges set?
Yes! Click here for our current Hand Pulled Print exchange schedule!

What if something happens and I have to drop out?
We strongly prefer that you do not drop out. Things happen in life that we are not always prepared
to deal with and sometimes we are forced to put our lives on hold. That does not mean you have to
drop out of life completely.

If you need a few more days or a week to get your print in please let us know.
Communication is
the most important thing we have. Let us know what is going on! Most issues can be solved.

If you think you will need more time than what is alloted for a given exchange, consider signing up
for a later exchange. All artists are putting a lot of work into their prints and we want to give the
best back to them and you.

If you must drop out let us know as soon as you are sure.

What is the archive and how does it work?
An archive is a complete record which is stored for permanent preservation. Our archive
showcases the images from each exchange or project and provides a link directly to each artists'
website. See our
Archive page. Our purpose is to build a community of artist and to help you
promote your art!

How do I become a featured Artist or get on the links page?
Your work is awesome and we want to help you show it off, but you have to do something for us -
join one of our exchanges or project! We pull our featured artist from the list of people we work
with - if you do an exchange or project you can get on that list. Our featured Artist are shown
monthly on our
Archive page.

If you do an exchange with us you are automatically put on our links page. The more links back to
your website from some where else, the higher you rise on search engines when people are looking
for your art work.

What if I don't have a website?
You can get a website fairly easily these days. We recommend Godaddy for Domain purchase and
hosting. You can get a free Blog at
or a free website at Google Sites.
If that seems too overwhelming we would be happy to host a page for you on this site - e-mail us
at [sales @ fouroceanspress.com] for details.

Where do you get the art you sell on your website? Will you sell my artwork for me?
We sell art made by several of our artists currently seen on our gallery page, most of whom are in
the San Francisco Bay Area in California. The work for sell can be seen in our
Store  and
purchased directly from our site. We sometimes list our Artist work on

We do not sell the prints from our exchange archives. However, you may contact the artists
directly though the links on our
archive page. If they do not have a website and you would like to
know more about them, you may e-mail us and we will forward your questions to them directly.

We will consider selling the work of individual artists. You can contact us through e-mail
[sales @ fouroceanspress.com] to discuss and make arrangements. We will expect to have all
artwork we sell in our possession and we will take a 35% commission.

Are there other ways to connect with Four Oceans Press?
Yes! Four Oceans Press is now on Facebook and Myspace! Be our friend - you can't have too

Any Questions?
We have answers.
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