Art Education
I have taught art at the middle & high school level since 2001 [resume]
and have learned a great deal from my students and from other

Current Classroom Website - 150 high school - students learning
all they can about Ceramics...

In my teaching I use some recycled projects, but I create most of the  
lessons for my class. I recently had trouble finding photo reference to
show my students, so I thought I might start collecting my photos and
project ideas here so that other Art teachers (and non-art teachers)
can benefit. Additionally, I want to collect lessons that other teachers
use and create a forum for Art Idea Exchanges.

This summer I will write up and list many of the lessons I have created
so that anyone - even someone with little or no Art training - can teach
Art lessons to any group of students who want to learn to express
themselves more creatively.
My Classroom]

I have written several papers and articles, as I learn to be a better
Art Papers]

I love to go to Museums. I will put all my tour photos and descriptions
together in a virtual tour.
Middle School Students Inking up
their Collographs...
Art Education