Kathe grew up in California’s Central Valley. From an
early age she could be found drawing things she saw in
neighborhood and things she imagined might exist.
She wrote stories to accompany her drawings and
created little books for her family. Among her earliest
commissions were drawings of naked girls for her
male classmates in exchange for candy.

After high school Kathe attended art school in Seattle,
receiving a degree in commercial art. While there her
artistic aesthetic turned toward the fine arts and she felt
she needed to further her art education. Back in
Kathe pursued a university degree and a
teaching credential. She is now in her eighth year
teaching art and currently works at the high school

Kathe’s approach to art has always involved
experimentation and her inventive and inquisitive
nature. She favors the stark black and white of a
woodblock or a pen and ink drawing to express her
ideas, though she uses all media to accomplish her
artistic goals. Kathe also enjoys writing, but she
expects her images to tell a story better than she could
with words. She also expects the viewer to bring their
own story to each viewing; so she wants to leave a lot
open to interpretation.

Kathe is currently working on several wood cut
projects and paintings and
recently finished illustrating
a story about the fear of falling off the edge of the bed.

The Last Monkey can be found on Amazon.

Kathe is also the co-founder of
Four Oceans Press and
she teaches Art, Ceramics and Photography to high
school students in Concord, California.
Left : Kathe working at Habitat
for Humanity, Tying a knot on a
sailboat, working on a image
and a favorite print.

Center: Kathe and Lucy
enjoying the Negative Tide at
Half Moon Bay, November 2010.

Right: An early drawing, Kathe
and her brother in 1974, right
after she moved to Oakland in
2002 and driving a tractor...