Man [The Cairn]
Cut Wood Block
4 x 5
Monumental Collaborative
Puzzle Prints
Update: The Carin has been printed and is on
its way to the artists who help to create it. I can't
Click to see the whole thing finished.

Monumental Collaborative Puzzle Prints
Each participant designs and carves a piece of a
large block. The coordinator [
Maria Arango ]
then puts all of the blocks together like a big
puzzle and prints the whole thing.  Coordinated
by Maria Arango

All of the pieces are officially in the coordinators'
hand and the large block is ready to print.
Updates and eventually the finished print can be
seen on her website...
Maria Arango  

My block is located in the middle panel.  

To the right is my original drawing before I cut
away the wood.

Man [The Cairn]
Wood Block with Drawing
4 x 5