Artist Statement
My artwork is about you and me. In essence, it is about how we relate to each
other, how we are bound together and how our actions affect the ones we love (or
claim [to love]).

I want to understand how everything relates to everything else.

I want to show how the hold we have on what we value is tenuous.

I want to pull the pain from my chest and put it on view so that others can see it and
know it and prevent it from happening again – to anyone.

In prints and paintings, I explore parts of a story, leaving the history and the truth
open to the viewer.

You bring your own story to each viewing; you should be allowed your own

I rarely plan. Rather, I start with simple lines or marks. As I continue, I wait to see
what arises.

I try to stop when the story is complete. Sometimes I stop too soon or late.
Sometimes I stop at just the right moment.

In sculpture, my desire is to see everything laid out in front of me.

I want to rip away the coverings and expose what lies underneath.

I want to see the structure and the balance of an object.

I want to see what keeps it from falling apart. What holds it together?

I want to show the tug life makes on our minds and bodies and I want to show us
struggling through it and coming out on top.

I want us to win. Together.
Bursting at the seams…Teaming with life…Screaming for release.