Congratulations on joining Permanent Ephemera! You are in!

Please complete the process by sending your fees through PayPal or Google Checkout.
                                        You will NOT be officially in until we receive your Entry Fee.

  • Online Application. (Done!)

  • Submit Entry Fee.

  • Submit JPEG files of completed image. These may be submitted later, any time prior to the
    January 31st, 2013 deadline.
  • JPGS must be saved as: lastname_firstname_tittle (for example: mark_knot_tomato.jpg).
  • You may submit them by e-mail ( or send image on a disk
    after completing the online application and sending entry fee.

  • Send three prints of the same image by the January 31st, 2013 deadline.
  • Mail your prints to
    Four Oceans Press
    5015 Woodminster Lane
    Oakland, Ca 94602

  • [If you would like to send multiple images, you must fill out the application form again for each

  • Watch the Archive for image from this show.
PayPal - $18 US
PayPal - $25 International
Google Checkout! - $18 US
Google Checkout! - $25 International
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